One of the most important aspects of being wise is keeping an open mind. You cannot learn that which you think you already know. This page will feature a curated list of helpful resources for additional learning.

1 – Books

Recommended reading for adults to expand their foundational knowledge on certain topics, along with books aimed toward children to help you teach lessons.

2 – Websites

Other websites with high-quality original content geared toward parenting or supporting our mission and guiding virtues and topics.

3 – Movies

Recommended movies that tie into specific lessons as an alternate way to engage your child about a topic you'd like to explore with them.

4 – TV Shows

TV shows or online web series that are educational and teach a variety of lessons. Another alternative way to engage children in a way that is fun to them.
TV Shows

5 – Podcasts

Useful podcasts to help with parenting advice or to deepen knowledge and understanding on important subjects to better equip you to answer questions as you teach.

6 – Newsletters

Newsletters that you can subscribe to for regular updates on parenting advice or subjects that we discuss on the site. These are all free.

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