Childlike Wonder

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“Throughout those few days, when he was clearly legitimately sick, and we were dragging him around to doctor’s appointments and hospitals, getting thermometers poked in awkward and uncomfortable places, getting poked with needles and examined by lots of strangers, he was still trying hard to be happy.”

The Quiet Confidence of Humility

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Once someone realizes that they have the ability to influence others, there is a natural tendency for them to inflate their sense of self-importance. It’s a path that, if not tempered, leads to narcissism. It isn’t easy to feel empathy for others when your own image so consumes you. As parents, we want our children to set the tone for their peer group, but we need to provide that temperance if we see them becoming tyrannical.

Sing Like Nobody Is Listening

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“People who create things and excel at the highest level of their field do so because they pushed through plateaus, self-doubt, and societal pressure to fit in until they got to the point of affirmation. Once that happens, the pressure shifts to support, and people begin to look to you with admiration. Most people never get to that point of affirmation, though, because they give up or never even try.”