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Most people wish at some point in their lives that things were different in one way or another. You see people who treat each other terribly and are completely intolerant of one another, or people who seem to have no sense of personal responsibility or civic duty, or people who constantly struggle to make ends meet but continue to make terrible decisions with their money at every opportunity. You wish things could be different, or maybe that they had been different for you growing up. There is no greater opportunity to help affect change than to model the right behaviors as you raise your children and make a conscious effort to teach them the necessary lessons to prepare them to overcome these challenges. We are trying to do just that with our children, and we created Wise Beyond Their Years to share our stories, hear other people's stories, and learn together. Our kids will shape the future, let's make sure they're ready!


The Headmaster.

Joshua F. Smith

Josh works as a retail manager, is a husband and parent to two beautiful children, and is constantly in search of knowledge and personal growth. Reading books about building better habits, managing money, being a strong leader, communicating effectively, displaying empathy, and a myriad of other topics consistently reveals opportunities as well as paths to solve for them.

The strong desire to simplify the main take-aways from all of these lessons and teach them to his children early on in life has forced a thoughtful and strategic approach to parenting. Sharing these insights and stories, including the successes and failures, along with creating a platform for others to share as well is why Wise Beyond Their Years was created.

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Primary Topics.


Research shows that money habits are set by age seven. From the time your child can conceptualize value and trade, key financial lessons are critical for future success.


Habits are hard to break, whether they are good or bad. We need to teach the good ones and correct the bad ones throughout childhood to lay a strong foundation.


Leadership skills instill confidence and give kids the ability to take control of their lives and create opportunities for themselves and inspire others.


Balance is one of the great keys to living a happy, fulfilled life. Work should be balanced by play, study should be matched by physical activity. Everything in moderation.

Mission and Virtues.

Our mission is to provide our children with the tools they need to make a profound, positive impact on the world, and create a place for like-minded parents to share their own experiences and learn from one another.

The Golden Rule is front and center in our parenting philosophy. If everyone treated others the way they'd like to be treated at all times, the world would be a much better place. The virtues we are trying to instill are rooted in Stoic philosophy and are foundational pillars for emotional and spiritual growth.


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We are not child psychologists and do not have degrees in education. We are parents with young kids figuring it out as we go while making on purpose decisions to impact our kids' lives in positive and lasting ways. If you have stories to share, please reach out about writing a featured blog post!
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